The Great Gatsby Ball - Update

We were delighted to be asked to contribute to Nottingham High School’s bursary fund raising Ball. The event was organised by Mr Balen to mark his retirement from his role as Chairman of the governors this year. All the money raised will help those children who passed the entrance exam but without a bursary would otherwise be unable to benefit from an education at this highly accomplished school.

We were able to support the event by pledging a Memory Box. The successful bidder will, in the New Year, design and create a Memory Box personal to themselves, with a little help from us of course. The Ball raised £20,000 on the night and the Memory Box took the highest bid at the auction. You can follow the progress of the design and making on this page.

The successful bidder will take home this beautiful Promise Box – the prelude to a fascinating journey of creativity.

The exquisite Walnut Promise Box above, represents a promise from Wheathills that whoever shall bear ownership of the wonderful hand made key that is kept safe within, will be entitled to participate in the design and creation of their own bespoke Memory Box.

The key will open the Memory Box yet to be created in fine timbers adorned with personalised exquisite marquetry symbolic of the bearer’s achievements, stories and memories.

If you would like specific details please contact us on 01332 824819 or email Janet on


Experiencing the joy of the creative journey is thrilling and an essential ingredient to making your personal Memory Box. Find out more about the design process here.


Exquisite marquetry is created to symbolically portray the story of a personal celebration, event or memory.



Mr Balen's inspiration