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Birthday Keepsake Box


A family founder of Ludgrove School was presented with a Memory Box celebrating his 80th birthday, decorated with enigma style messages and symbols of tremendous achievements, from perilous beginnings through an Eton education, numerous successful businesses, cherished homes, wonderful family times, into a well deserved but not necessarily so gentle a retirement.

This Memory Box is created in Tiger Burr Oak and banded in long grain Macassa Ebony throughout the interior and exterior. The exterior front, top and back is decorated with a fusion of stories.

The front is decorated with a survivor of the blitz, the constant glass goblet marked with his birth date, of Birds Eye Maple, from which all life stories emerge. The Ludgrove L of Ash with F T & B for his time at Foster, Turner and Benson, with the Bellington End Leaping Horse being intertwined and overlaid with the Coat of Arms of Eton in dyed Lime of red, yellow, green and blue, with tulips of dyed Arctic Ash in black and white. All merged with the Family Coat of Arms, of dyed Sycamore and Birds Eye Maple. An Armoured Personnel Carrier, representing his time in the Military, overlaid with the Sunday Times logo, for fond times at the Newspaper created in Ebony. Charles the Fork Lift Truck is holding aloft the globe, representing his passion for work and travel. A Spillers Pony Nuts Bag, marking his first sale and a Honey Pot for his sweet tooth, are created in Sycamore and dyed Lime. Enigma style code messages and the names of family homes are formed in a figure of eight around the central design.

The back has decoration which flows from the open goblet up the front, over the top and down the back destined to be filed in a symbolic filing cabinet of Walnut, Maple, Anigre and Tulip wood, incorporating a concealed bottom drawer, decorated with mushrooms of Birds Eye Maple, a Chicken completes the days of Chicken and Mushroom pies. A half eaten Bendick’s Bittermint, his favourite bedtime treat, is left on the cabinet top for later. Also flowing into the open drawer, are the waters of the Suez Canal created in dyed Lace Wood, the date 09 19 56 representing the month and year of the original wedding date during the Suez crisis with a sailing ship and the date 11 19 56 representing their eventual reunion and the month and year of their marriage at the end of the crisis in Tulip wood and Lime. Beneath is the banner of The Life Guards depicting his time in service during this period.

On opening the lift up lid, the interior is decorated with a photograph slip designed as the porch of their beloved home.

The interior is upholstered in fine biscuit suede and all is traditionally French polished to a silky smooth finish.

(This Memory Box shown by kind permission of our client)

To discuss the design of your personal Memory Box call us on 01332 824819 or email: janet@wheathills.com