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Celebration Box with marquetry lid depicting Mr Davidson receiving a medal from the Queen


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There is no greater expression of love and affection than a gift portraying evocative memories of the trials and achievements of life. Your Celebration Memory Box will be created in recognition of the wonderful things accomplished so far. Your gift will be designed and built in Derbyshire to exemplary standards and be inspired by the sheer presence of the recipient. Only having meticulously represented their character, achievements, passions and memories in exquisite marquetry, will your gift become the only one of its kind in the world, deeply considered and truly appreciated.

Your gift of their most treasured memories, proud achievements and intoxicating moments will achieve pride of place as a personal fine work of art. This Memory Box will be treasured their whole lives as a beautiful place where priceless mementos and objects are kept safe for evermore.


Dear Nigel,

'My wife has just given (I should almost say presented me with) the memory box to mark our 20 years together at our home and I have also had time to wipe the tears from my eyes. You and your team have made the most exquisite and meaningful work of art - it is absolutely beautiful, the workmanship unimaginable in this day and age and to boot it is full of the most wonderful and beautifully presented memories of our life together. I have seldom been so overwhelmed - the tears have started again as I write this so an enormous thank you to you and all who worked on creating this most wonderful memory - I shall treasure it and I hope it will become something equally treasured by my family in generations to come'

Every unforgettable journey begins with a first step. To gain a fuller understanding of this wonderful experience call us on 01332 824819 or email: janet@wheathills.com, or to visit us please see our contact details