Designing Your Box

As the successful bidder, you will take home from the Ball a beautiful Walnut Promise Box. The hand made key within will open the Memory Box yet to be designed and created, with a little help from us.

In due course we will discuss elements of the design make up such as favourite places, proud moments, wonderful memories and personal stories. That pebble, shell or ticket you collected may look insignificant to others, but you know it is infused with a special moment and now is impossible to replace. Everything is symbolic in a memory box.
Symbols will be chosen to represent each aspect of the story and all will be brought together in a wonderful marquetry design. Those who share the hidden story will be able to see and feel a deeper meaning which enables them to return instantly to key moment of  importance in their lives. Whilst the occasional on looker will appreciate and enjoy a beautifully crafted piece of art.
After our discussion we will create an initial artist impression for development to your complete satisfaction prior to any work proceeding. During it`s creation your box will pass through the  hands of up to eight skilled craftsmen until magically, the memory box becomes a breath taking place where intangible feelings and precious memories can be kept safe and revisited over and over again. 

You can access the Great Gatsby Ball website here.

If you would like specific details please contact us on 01332 824819 or email Janet on



Making dreams and memory's tangible begins with a relaxed conversation that provides an exacting brief, so clearly identifying personal aspirations and the experiences of an intensely lived moment.


The final brief, concept and secret narrative is interpreted by an artist impression for development until the design feels just right.



Translating memories with their feeling, smell and texture into a piece of art in all its proustian glory will prove a fantastic experience. Resulting in an almost mystical touchstone imbued with private meaning which is, after all AN EXQUISITE MEMORY BOX.