Designed to reflect the ancient roof timber of St. Leonard’s and in honour of its builders. The font cover in created mainly in English Oak of circular form skewed to the shape of the bowl. It begins with a lower rim housing a strong panel to protect the font and its contents.

The detailing at the top of each support with walnut draw pegs and small panels is reminiscent of the roof construction of the church. The Oak rises towards the roof in a contemporary style with aspiration for heaven and yearning for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The modernist angular shape of each spoke terminates in a facet of light, symbolised with golden Burr Ash inlaid with the cross chains, the symbol of Leonard, leaving no doubt where the font belongs.

Artists impression of the font cover and candle.

Artists impression of the Altar table



Proposed size

Base: 10 cm (4") square
Overall height: 50 cm (19.75")

Estimated investment: £3480.00


Created in English Oak in the main, with drip tray and pike of bronzed patinated brass and detailing of Walnut and Boxwood. The construction is reminiscent of the stone featured within the church. The muscular design is inspired by St. Leonard's work amongst prisoners, and the practical means by which Leonard gave them opportunity to live a new life, just and free. God’s work of redemption, from sin to salvation, is reflected in a single twist: a turn which terminates into the base. The base is i nlaid with Boxwood chains into a walnut background symbolic of the hermit’s cell, the simple dwelling from which Leonard declared God’s liberating love.


Proposed size:

Width: 184cms (72.5”)
Height: 94cm (37”)
Depth: 78cm (30.75”)

Estimated Investment: £12,650.00


Created from English Oak in the main. Its
construction is derived from the ancient skills and techniques of the shipwrights evidenced in the construction of the church roof. Walnut draw pegs and tennon wedges will be clearly visible as subtle detail in the table top and base.