Frequently Asked Questions

We encounter many questions during the journey and exploration of our client’s extraordinary life stories.

Remember all our Memory Boxes are made for your personal requirements from scratch, so you get to choose the size, design, colour and shape and together we create your very own family heirloom.

Here are a few answers to recent questions asked, please feel free to ask as many questions as you like. We will be very pleased to help in your journey. Ask a question.

Q. How much do they cost?

A. Our craftsmen will create a beautiful box starting from around £1200. With infinite imagination, fine materials and exquisite marquetry, costs can often increase into the many thousands of pounds.

Q. How Do I Start?

A. You are welcome to Email, Ring or Visit us. Click here to request a Brochure and further information from us

Q. Why Should I Buy A Memory Box From Wheathills?

A. Click here for reasons why you should buy a Memory Box from us

Q. How long does a Memory Box take to make?

A. Once the design is complete, the creation normally takes three to four weeks. However, more complicated boxes may take up to six months or more.

Q. What is the process?

A. Click here to see the process steps.

Q. What can I put inside my Memory Box?

A. Your Memory Box is a very private and often secretive possession, the inside
holds all your precious feelings, which can be locked away until such time as they are needed. The way in which you use your Memory Box will guide you in the design of the interior. It really is ok to keep things simple and not fit out the interior at all, just modestly line with a plain fabric. Many boxes have a dual purpose and these generally are fitted with all manner of fittings to amazing effect. A few popular interior surprises include photo frames, trays, special things compartment, secret drawers, puzzle catches, hidden marquetry pictures, poems, messages, document wallets, cats cradles, ring boxes, hair locket cases to name but a few.

Q. What size are they?

A. Popular sizes relate to the use of the Memory Box and as documents tend to be part of a collection, the following sizes are frequently chosen.

Width 15” (38cm) x Depth 11” (28cm) x Height 9” (23cm)

Width 18” (46cm) x Depth 13” (33cm) x Height 8” (20cm)

Width 9” (23cm) x Depth 9” (23cm) x Height 7” (18cm)

Width 10” (26cm) x Depth 8” (20cm) x Height 4” (10cm)

All the above are approximate sizes. However, you can choose any size you like.

Q. What type of Marquetry Design can we create?

A. So far we have found our clients imagination is limitless and to date we have satisfied all requests including an RB211 Rolls Royce Engine, vintage E Type Jaguar car, Butterflies, Horses, Palladian perspective, Buildings, Landscapes, real live signatures, personal poems and messages, Dogs, Birds, Tall Ships, walking boots, Trees, flowers, Vegetables, Golf Clubs, Field Sport Guns, Formula One Racing Cars, Cats, Aircraft, Tractors, Polo Players, Dressage competitor, Ballet Dancers, and the list goes on and on. We relish the challenges you set for us and constantly strive to push our own personal boundaries.

Q. What wood can I use?

A. There is a wide and varied variety of sustainable timbers available to us for using in the imaginative creation of your Memory Box.
Here are a just a few of our favourite Memory Box timbers.

Q. What Fittings are available?

A Embellishing a Memory Box is a delicate matter and therefore choosing appropriate fittings is very important. This is why we often create by hand embellishments which are both proportionate and of high quality, equal to that of the box. Some popular embellishments are carrying handles, engraved cartouches, escutcheons, decorative hand made keys, ormolu, true silver and gold gilding, applied wood carving, bronze castings, various styles of feet and the list goes on.

Q. What Fabrics can we choose for the interior upholstery?

A. Choosing fabric is often like choosing a painting. Choice is the key and here at
Wheathills we have thousands of different fabrics to choose from. Once again don’t worry we will help you at this part of the journey by suggesting appropriate fabrics of your liking.

Q. What Hinges can I choose from?

A. It is true to say experience is King and as our boxes are very substantial, there is no substitute for the highest quality hinges. We use precision made Brusso hinges from New York, which have stood the test of time in the aviation industry for many years. There are several sizes and we can gild or polish the solid brass to a very satisfying finish.

Q.  How are the boxes polished
A.  All our boxes are completely hand finished, using traditional reversible materials, to enable the combination of timber, shellac and beeswax to become as one. This allows the finish to improve and achieve a wonderful patination with loving care and age. We absolutely do not spray or varnish any part of our boxes. We simply hand French polish each one to encourage the best possible results in grain and vigour.

Q.  What is Wheathills' Green Policy
A.  All of our wood originates from carefully managed resources. Please follow this link to see Wheathills Environmental Policy