Visual inspiration is drawn from all aspects of this beautiful church.

From the arch of the chancel to the hermit cell. Spiritual inspiration is drawn from a sense of St Leonard’s great declaration of Gods liberating love, justice and freedom.”

Drawings created for the initial designs

Inspiration for the font cover came from the curved architecture of both the interior and exterior of St Leonards Church. The facets of light at the end of each spoke were envisioned from observing the illumination from the stained glass windows.

The Candlestick designs were inspired by the sinuous arches and stonework found within St Leonards Church. The archways at the base of the candles reflect the hermits cell found at the church, being made from walnut which represents the darkness of the cell interior.

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The Altar Table design was inspired by the construction of the roof beams that support St. Leonards church. The legs of the table emulate the beams which organically hug the curvature of the building.





Watch how the brief was created.