What timbers are Memory Boxes made from

We have hundreds of different sustainable yet exotic timbers available to us.
All of our timbers are selected by our craftsmen personally. This ensures our timber is of the highest quality and most suitable for your Memory Box.

Our marquetry art is created by using a combination of many different timbers to great effect. Much time is taken in the choosing of which timber contrasts or blends with another in the design. During this part of the journey we will suggest various timbers to you, so don’t worry, you will not have to make all the decisions on your own.

A Selection Of Our Memory Box Timbers

Memory Box Timber -  American Walnut Burr American Walnut Burr - This readily available and attractive veneer is generally a warm looking light to fairly dark yellowy brown to purplish brown colour.
Memory Box Timber - Ash Burr Ash Burr - The full burr is extremely difficult to find completely clean, frequently showing evidence of ingrowing bark in the form of small black knots and other irregular marks. Used very effectively for special furniture.
Memory Box Timber -  Brown Oak Burr Brown Oak Burr - Brown Oak is peculiar to trees grown in the British Isles and is the result of attack by the “Beef-steak” fungus which causes the wood to darken to a rich reddish-brown.
Memory Box Timber -  Oak Burr Oak Burr - Some Oaks may develop large burrs and when sliced, can produce extremely fine looking veneer. Oak Burr remains one of the more popular burr veneers for fine furniture and decorative interior uses.
Memory Box Timber -  Oak Cluster Oak Cluster - Oak may be plain and straight grained with a minimal look, it may be highly figured with pronounced medullary rays, crown-grained, and even rustic-looking with pips and burr clusters over the log's length.
Memory Box Timber -  Palm Palm - Classified as a grass rather than a timber. It is very fibrous by nature and is often saw-cut into veneer form. This production method is slow and expensive and the veneer in this form is only used for special projects.
Memory Box Timber -  Polar Burr Poplar Burr - Light yellowy biscuit background colour shows off the red brown pips and burrs very well. Occasional areas of ripple figure between the burrs add to the overall attractiveness of this versatile species.
Memory Box Timber -  Quartered Figured Sycamore Quartered Figured Sycamore - In order to produce white Sycamore veneer, the logs are felled in the winter months when the sap is not rising and are then sliced, uncooked, shortly after felling in order to avoid discolouration.
Memory Box Timber -  Quartered Fumed Oak Quartered Fumed Oak - In order to achieve the very distinctive look of Fumed Oak, selected logs of flat and quarter cut veneer are treated with ammonia. A process first used many years ago is now becoming popular again.
Memory Box Timber -  Quilted Maple Quilted Maple - The all-white Quilted Maple is generally regarded as being the finest and commands a very high price. Some logs will display a mix of colours when the older heartwood may be darker.
Memory Box Timber -  Silky Oak Silky Oak.- Quarter cut in order to accentuate the strong ray figure, which varies up to finger nail size and can even appear “stretched” across the veneer surface. Used for special furniture, interior decoration and panelling schemes.
Memory Box Timber -  Tamo Tamo - The stronger and tighter the markings, especially when displaying the aptly named “peanut” figure, the more valued Tamo is. This is a sought after and expensive veneer suited to top quality interior decoration and furniture.
Memory Box Timber - Thuya Burr Thuya Burr - This softwood tree grows in an irregular and twisted manner and the burr, which is the part valued for veneer, grows underground as a root burr. Only seen in small sizes- very attractive veneer for special projects.
Memory Box Timber - Tiger Brown Oak Burr Tiger Brown Oak Burr - The colour is unlike that of any other burr and when dappled with lighter markings it is often known as Tiger Oak Burr. As with most burr veneers, it is mainly used for specialist interiors or furniture.
Memory Box Timber - Yew Burr Yew Burr - Occasional Yew trees will produce a burr which, at its finest, will yield magnificent, highly decorative veneer that may vary from a heavy pip to a full all-over burr.
Memory Box Timber - Ziricote Ziricote - An exotic species from the large Cordia family resembling a type of Rosewood. This extremely heavy wood is occasionally sliced into highly decorative veneers which can vary quite considerably from one log to another.
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