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Promise Memory Box


If time is of the essence or you are searching for an extraordinary gift, then giving a Promise Box initially is the prefect way to present a tangible gift on those occasions when time is too short to create an exquisite Memory Box. It is also a great way to introduce the concept when you know that the recipient would relish the experience of designing their own Memory Box.

Receiving a Promise Box provides a glimpse through the marquetry into the fascinating journey yet to be enjoyed. It is a prelude to the main event of creating a Memory Box and it all starts with an intimate promise from you, symbolised by the sumptuous shape and luxurious feeling of your Promise Box.

The ultimate gift always comes from the heart and is born from thought and deep consideration. This is reflected in the lid that is decorated with fine marquetry inlay, especially designed to represent an element of the recipient’s character and reason for the celebration. Tell us of your Marquetry ideas using this form.

A soft suede cushion is placed within to keep safe a beautiful hand made key which will in good time fulfil your original promise with the symbolic turning of this special key in the lock of the Memory Box yet to be created.

When you are ready to begin, a truly emotional and exquisite treasure will be created, either as a surprise or with the recipient’s knowledge and their participation.

It certainly is a personal gift like no other in the world.

The presentation of your Promise Box will be a wonderful moment to be remembered. Your special gift along with a gilded parchment scroll will be placed within a beautiful hand made presentation case, both telling the story of the journey ahead.

Dependent upon the complexity of the marquetry, the cost of a Promise Box starts from around £250 and is created by hand from solid Walnut or Oak. They are wonderfully tactile and fit in the palm of your hand, approximately 15cm long, 6cm wide and 4 cm high.

If you would like to take your interest further then you can ring us on +44 (0)1332 824819, email us at janet@wheathills.com or visit us at Wheathills Farm, Brun Lane, Mackworth, Derby DE22 4NE.
Alternatively you could complete the form to the left with your contact details and some information regarding the marquetry requirements.