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Celebration Memory Box


Life offers up many challenges and some face more than others. This box is a gift from a loving proud father to celebrate and acknowledge his daughter’s imaginative and caring solutions to life’s little quandaries.

Created in Walnut of dovetailed construction, their Memory Box is decorated with symbols of achievement, adventure and support through testing times. The father’s pet name for his daughter is formed in his own hand in marquetry. The letter R represents the Tree of Knowledge for the growth of wisdom together with a scrolled qualification of Maple and ribbon of Red Lime for enthusiasm for change and improvement.

The curve of the R encircles the globe representing travel, adventure and diverse culture created in Bird’s Eye Maple. A couple sits in silhouette hand in hand representing love and the nurturing of respect and family values. The curve flows over the top of the lid passing through a pair of hands, one cradling the R for the support of loved ones and the other is an offering for selfless giving.

The R continues in becoming an E which is entangled in barbed wire of Limewood for an awareness of the dangers and choices we face in life.

The E sweeps up to become the B forming a musical note in Ebony representing an ever-evolving passion for music and art.

The interior is fitted with photo slips of Walnut, above a lift out tray with a special things box in the centre which is decorated with an open book in fiddle-back Maple, inscribed with a loving and wise message from her father:
“Learn from yesterday - Live for today - Hope for tomorrow then you achieve.”

All of the interior is upholstered in fine red suede.

(This Memory Box shown by kind permission of our client)

To discuss the design of your personal Memory Box call us on 01332 824819 or email: janet@wheathills.com