Vienna Memory Clock

Exquisite Wooden Keepsake Box Gift with inlaid marquetry showing the story of a Lady's 50th Birthday Celebrations

Borrowing the principles of intimate personalisation from our Memory Boxes, the marquetry decoration is inlayed into Flame or figured Walnut and is encompassed in Burr Ash.

The clock displays the fine lines of a six glass Vienna, infused with personal stories to reach the very heart of whom the clock is commissioned for. This example depicts on the dial the life cycle of a Bramley apple, from a tiny bud emerging through the snow covered branches to the ripening fruit in Autumn. Each passing season, flora and fauna are celebrated throughout the clocks decoration.

The movement is completely hand made, resonating with three tunes on bells, silent and quarter strikes, three weights, decorative hands and many working parts of highly polished silver, including a fine bob hung on a silver pendulum.

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