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Liverpool FC Wedding Memory Box


A couple who are passionate about many subjects enjoy supporting their football club, Liverpool, above all. This Memory Box was created to celebrate their Wedding Day.

Created in Quilted Tamo with long grain banding of Ziricote, and strung in Boxwood and Dyed Lime. The famous chant and motto “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is inlaid into the front of the box in Red Sycamore and now holds a dual meaning for the Bride and Groom.

On opening the lid the interior is decorated with the Liver Bird, also in Red Sycamore. The Bird’s talons are gripping a pair of pillars inlaid with the happy couple’s initials and the date of their marriage.

The five stars around the Liver Bird are in Yellow Sycamore.

(This Memory Box shown by kind permission of our client)

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