Exquisite Wooden Keepsake Box Gift with inlaid marquetry showing the story of a Lady's 50th Birthday Celebrations

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You cannot get this type of box anywhere else in the world. Your story translated into marquetry imagery is inlaid into the timbers of the box to create a gift like no other.

Each Memory Box is designed not only as a work of art but also to project the personality and character of the person for whom it is customised for.

We never ever repeat a design - each box is completely unique with personalised marquetry.

It takes 8 specialist craftsmen, each with their own intrinsic skills and intuitive knowledge of the commission to produce each box.

Every box is totally handmade here at Wheathills in beautiful rural Derbyshire, by Wheathills craftsmen (with the exception of the brassware).

Wheathills have been in the luxury Furniture business since the early 1800s.

We only use the finest materials and timbers.

Hinges are precision made in New York, they are solid Brass and self-supporting.

Each box comes with its own supporting Provenance Certificate, detailing who commissioned the box, the reason why, which craftsmen worked on it, which type of wood and what materials were used and who the Memory Box is dedicated to.

All of our timbers are ethically sourced.

You can see your Presentation Box being built wherever you are in the world.

To discuss the design of your personal Memory Box call us on:
01332 824819 from the UK, or from the US 011 44 1332 824819.
email: info@wheathills.com.
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